Sharon Anglin Kuhne

Sharon Anglin Kuhne (03/12/1951-1993) was born in Berea, Kentucky.  After high school, she enrolled in Berea College and worked under graphic artist Harry Segady at the Berea College Appalachian Museum.  In 1971 she took up a position as photographer at the North Carolina Department of Archives and History in Raleigh, and later worked as a field photographer at North Carolina State University. She wrote of her own work, "My art is much influenced by psychologist Carl Jung's writings and teachings about the 'collective unconscious' utilizing the symbols of Nature I construct 'dream sets' based on my own personal dream imagery."  Her work does seem to connote a mysterious, dream-like state, often predominated by the theme of woman and land. She has had solo exhibitions in North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina, and her work has been included in many national and international group exhibitions.  Kuhne's work is represented in several corporate and private collections, including the Asheville Art Museum, Wachovia Bank, Lorimar Communications, Ithaca College, the American Embassy in Morocco, and the American Cultural Center in Barcelona.  She was living in Little Switzerland, NC when she committed suicide in 1993.

Other works by: Sharon Anglin Kuhne