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Up for Discussion
October 23, 2014 5:30 pm
Free with membership or Museum admission
Asheville Art Museum
2 South Pack Square , Asheville , NC, 28802, United States

Two Hundred Years of the Cherokee Language, Dr. Hartwell Francis

The Cherokee people have written in their language for 200 years. Early in the 18th Century, Cherokee genius Sequoyah (Sigwoya) saw that European immigrants were able to graphically represent the stream of speech. Based on this insight, Sequoyah developed a syllabic writing system for the Cherokee language that is still in use today. Around 1825, the Cherokee Nation commissioned lead type in order to print in the Cherokee language. Over the years, Cherokee literacy and literature in the Cherokee language has waxed and waned and is entering a period of renewed vigor. Hartwell Francis, Ph.D., is Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Director of the Cherokee Language Program at Western Carolina University. He will present and discuss the history of the Cherokee language.

Held in conjunction with Hands, Heart, Mind: Cherokee Artistry.