Herb and Dorothy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Special Film Screening!

Thursday, October 29th at 7pm.

For one night only the Asheville Art Museum presents a special screening for all art lovers and collectors of anything…. at the Fine Arts Theater, downtown Asheville.

Herb and Dorothy Vogel are two middle class workers who live in New York City in a one bedroom apartment stuffed with furniture and appliances, turtles and cats, and oh.. yeah…one of the most interesting collections of Contemporary Art in the City.

Year by year, they collected, piece by piece, their love of art propelling them forward without regard to monetary wealth, popular fashion, or artistic fame. Many of their pieces were acquired before an artist became famous, and thus, they amassed an incredibly rich, varied, and fascinating collection, all within modest means- and with serious space constraints.

The film mixes artist interviews with time spent with the Vogel’s themselves. They are charming and affable, humbling and real. They are the reason institutions like the Asheville Art Museum are so important; their genuine passion for art reminds us of our responsibility to collect, preserve, and educate our community about the inspiring power of art in all aspects of our lives!

The film has inspired many so far, and it has become a catalyst for conversation about art, collecting, individual passions, creative outlets, inspiring hobbies, the balance of work and play, and so much more!

Bring a friend to this special ONE night opportunity and have your own conversation inspired by Herb and Dorothy Vogel. Where will it lead you?

Here is the official site.

Get your Advance Tickets by contacting the Asheville Art Museum!