September 2016
Asheville Art Museum
Request for Qualification Submittals

Project:  Asheville Art Museum Renovation and Expansion Project
Graphic Design/Signage

The Asheville Art Museum, Architect of Record ARCA Design and Construction Manager Beverly Grant are seeking to prequalify graphic design firms to submit bids for design services and production supervision for the Asheville Art Museum Renovation and Expansion project. The project is located in downtown Asheville, NC at 2 South Pack Square. This project consists of 68,680 square feet of expansion and renovation area to comprise the New Asheville Art Museum.

In reviewing the designer’s qualifications we will consider: past performance, quality of work, similar work size and complexity, cooperation with other designers, owners and production specialists. Historically underutilized business participation is encouraged.

The Asheville Art Museum was founded in 1948 and is incorporated as a non-profit  501c3. The Museum’s vision and mission is:  To transform lives through art by engaging, enlightening and inspiring individuals and enriching community through dynamic experiences in American Art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Designers may submit for work included in either or both scopes outlined below: “The Building” and /or “The Museum Identity”


Exterior Sign Types:

  • Flag Mounted Banners
  • Street Corner Identity
  • Building/Museum Identity
  • Projection Programming
  • Donor recognition
  • DOT and City signage

Interior Sign Types:

  • Feature space identity
  • Wayfinding
  • ADA code Signage
  • Fire code signage
  • All other building code signage
  • Donor Signage
  • Interpretive exhibition signage
  • Admissions and Information signage

* Note signage may be electronic.


The Museum seeks the services of one or more design consultants to assist with identity/ brand development and communication and design strategy and implementation in all media for the New Asheville Art Museum. This may include:

  • Logo and logotype development
  • Graphic design standards manual
  • Graphic design for collateral materials  3D elements, print (stationery, books,  guides, posters, brochures,) and electronic, digital and social media
  • Marketing and  promotion materials (cards, ads, web)
  • Mapping
  • Interpretive materials
  • Presentations
  • Printing production and fabrication services coordination
  • Professional photography coordination


The Museum seeks to create a pool of qualified designers from which it may select one or more firms to provide such services in the future. Statements of Qualifications should provide a straightforward, complete, concise description of the designers’ capabilities and qualifications to provide graphic design services to the Museum. Please include:

  • Cover sheet with business name, primary contact, contact street address, phone and email addresses, signature and date.
  • The firms approach and methodology with respect to the scope of services (indicate one or both scopes: “the Building” and/or ” The Museum Identity”)
  • The firm’s experience providing graphic design services to similar non- profit organization.
  • The firm’s experience with similar projects
  • Date of establishment of the firm.
  • Any Partners included in the RFQ must provide the same information.
  • A description of the firm’s structure including resumes of project personnel.
  • Samples of up to 5 major projects including the client name and contact.
  • Any other information that you believe would make the firm’s work on behalf of the Asheville Art Museum superior to that of other firms.
  • Whether the firm would agree to a fee cap.
  • Please note any potential conflict of interest and or any pending litigation.
  • A statement of the firm’s commitment to equal opportunity.



Please send all digital information to, and all hard-copy information to Asheville Art Museum, P.O. Box 1717, Asheville NC 28802-1717.

Deadline: end of day October 31, 2016