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North Wing Library Building

In early 2016 we installed scaffolding on our North Wing for renovation and preservation work on this historic 1926 Pack Memorial Library building. The building’s beautiful historic windows have undergone complete restoration and the white Georgia marble façade has been cleaned and the masonry repaired and repointed. Interior walls on the top floor have been removed and the windows uncovered, preparing that space to become the new education studio and classrooms. Read about the North Wing / Historic Pack Memorial Library restoration and renovation.

Demolition of Core and East Wing

In early 2017, the Museum began major demolition of its “core”— the Atrium and East Wing structures, with a construction crane and fencing positioned in front of 2 S. Pack Square. Pedestrian access along Biltmore Avenue remains uninterrupted via a covered pedestrian walkway. The demolition phase was completed in July 2017.

Fall 2017 – Fall 2018

Renovations in the East Wing will begin, including installation of duct work and sprinkler pipes to prepare for the entirely new HVAC and fire safety systems. This is an essential component of the construction because the East Wing will house major special exhibition galleries, as well as collections storage and the curatorial office suite and research area. The project team also will begin pouring the foundations and footings for the core of the building. Above the new foundations, the new face of the Asheville Art Museum will be constructed, showcasing a stunning glass façade, art-filled Atrium and greatly expanded Permanent Collection galleries.

Late 2018

Opening of the New Asheville Art Museum!