Snowed In and Shoveled Out!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things have slowed down here at the Museum this week because of the great snow storm of 2009 in Asheville this past weekend. We have finally seen the remaining snowed-in staff members this morning (yes, Day 6) and have almost exhausted our snow horror stories. Who had power? Who made snowmen and sledded down the neighboring slope in a kayak (me)? Whose cars are still covered in 20 inches of snow?

I know that you are all curious so let me ease your mind. The Museum itself and its Pack Place neighbors received a healthy dose of the snow- but we have shoveled safe paths that lead you right to our door. So eat your big meals, unwrap your gifts, and get out of the house over the Holidays with a little dose of art at your local downtown Museum (three floors allow you to find your own space within our safe, warm walls while still remaining close to your family).

And from all of us at the Asheville Art Museum, we wish you a warm-electricity filled, snow angel making, crazy sledding time over the upcoming Holidays- and into the New Year.

See in 2010.

Images- The Asheville Art Museum Entrance. Saturday, December 19 (Day2); Staff Photo, December 2009.