Intern Spotlight – Jason Perry

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

 by Parker Louise Bobbittvsco-photo-1

This week’s Intern Spotlight is Communication’s intern Jason Perry.

Age: 20

Hometown: Patrick County, Virginia

Favorite Color: UNCA Blue

Favorite Art Piece: Jim Dine’s The Heart and the Wall

Jason Perry is a summer intern at the Asheville Art Museum who is passionate about pursuing his career in Mass Communications. As a student at UNCA, he has done work for newspapers and was looking for something different when one of his professors suggested the Asheville Art Museum for an internship. Excited to try something new and gain experience, Jason began interning in the Communications and PR Department in May of 2016.

Upon arriving to the Museum, Jason wrote about his favorite work for the Museum Blog. “When I first saw the piece, I saw the colors. The size definitely blew me away. I like that [Dine] uses the heart in a lot of his paintings because the heart is a very symbolic image. Immediately, when I see a giant heart, I get emotion from it. Then when I see the darker colors then you definitely know there’s a lot of feeling going on around the heart. So I love the size and it’s definitely a very moody piece. The heart definitely symbolizes something so I think that, internally, I can get something from that.”

Since then, Jason has written more blog posts, created promotional videos, worked on AAM social media and more. “I get a lot of self satisfaction when I know that I am publishing for the Asheville Art Museum’s website… I get to learn about all these new things, put it down on paper and share it with the community. Every time I work on something for the Museum I feel extremely accomplished and proud of the work I do.”

What does art mean to Jason?

“When I look for art, I’m looking for a connection in my own personal life. I love seeing a piece and being able to connect it to the experiences that I’ve had.”

Future Plans: Move to the beach.

Already, Jason has used his experience in Mass Communications and New Media to contribute to the Museum’s mission and, in the process, he has enjoyed learning about artworks in the Museum’s Permanent Collection.