Work of the Week — “Blue Ridge Mountains” by Bernice Osborne

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

by Haley Clement

When I first arrived here from the flat typography of Florida, I was in awe with the mountains. Even after stepping foot outside following a few hours indoors, I would find the mountains as striking as ever. I know I am going to miss driving down I-240 at golden hour and seeing a little glimpse of the mountains from my desk near the Museum’s entrance.1983.02.2.22-397x238

Bernice Osborne’s watercolor painting Blue Ridge Mountains perfectly demonstrates why the mountains are so captivating. With its rich color scheme of golden tones, warm purples and cold blues, the painting depicts the glorious sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains at sunset – though always impressive, the mountains at sunrise/sunset are especially magical. I also love how Osborne utilized watercolors to paint this, as the colors flow into one another as to draw parallel to and mimic the never-ending mountain range. The size of the piece is moderately impressive as well at 11.75 x 20.25 inches, again to possibly reference the extensiveness of the mountains that a smaller canvas could not quite capture.

As for the artist, Bernice Osborne was born in 1941 in Kentucky, and currently lives in Florida. According to a publication released by the artist’s studio, Osborne’s “…paintings utilize every design element and principle in translating her artistic concept from eye to brush.  The results are highly unique and exciting and the range of her subject matter is as richly varied in format and full of promise as her talent, vigor and charm.” Osborne’s work has received several awards, and she has even served as the president of the Southern Watercolor Society.

Artwork above: Bernice Osborne, Blue Ridge Mountains, 1982, watercolor painting, 11.75 x 20.25 inches. Gift of Diana Kan. Permanent Collection. 1983.02.2.22.