Anna Lou Roberts

Anna Lou Roberts (1930-1999) was a native of Asheville, North Carolina. She had a studio on Wall Street in downtown Asheville for many years and exhibited in one-woman shows in Asheville, Hendersonville, Virginia, and New York City. Roberts is known for her perserverance. At 14 she was stricken with polio, and has been in a wheelchair for nearly 50 years. Due to illness, Roberts never finished high school. She never married or had children and lived with her parents until the death of her father in 1974. Her mother died in 1983. Recently, the city of Asheville condemned her home built by her father in 1946, in which she lived alone. During her stay at a local nursing home, looters broke into her condemned home and stole her property. She felt that her life had been taken away. Volunteers from the community worked together to repair her house, while Roberts held an auction of her paintings to finance the repairs. Roberts was able to return to her home for Easter in April of 1995.

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