Audrey Kirschner

Audrey Kirschner ( - ) was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She lived in the New York area for many years, then moved to Jacksonville, Florida, with her family. Kirschner uses unrealistic color, mystical subjects and unnatural light to create magical, mysterious images within her photographs. She states: "The manipulated images I produce have evolved from ordinary and found compositions to created images in which I attempt to liberate photography from its logical restraints." She has participated in several solo exhibitions at galleries and museums, such as the Sarratt Gallery, Vanderbilt University, Alexander Brest Museum, and others. She also has been involved in several group exhibitions across the country. Kirschner has received several awards and honors such as the St. Augustine Art Association Honors Show where she won first place, and the Mazda International Photo Contest where she won second place in 1989.

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