Bette Bates

Bette Bates (07/14/1954- ) lives in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Her work is generally rather large scale, featuring a various assortment of tones and textures.  The subject matter often connotes an energetic tension and her own brand of surreality.  Bates views her art as a dialogue between the graphite pencil and the eraser, beginning with chaotic shapes and layers of light, which only gradually forms a complete whole, depicting a personal fleeting event or emotion. After taking the Ucross Foundation Residency Grant in Wyoming, she hosted a two person show at the Big Red Gallery in Ucross in 1986.  That same year she went on to take part in a solo exhibition at the University of Hawaii's Commons Gallery.  The next year she was featured as an 'emerging artist' at the Contemporary Arts Center of Honolulu, Hawaii.  In 1988 her works were displayed in a two-person show in Lexington, North Carolina sponsored by the Davidson County Art Guild. Additionally, she has been featured in several other museums, including a solo showing at the Asheville Art Museum and again at the Waterworks Gallery in Salisbury, North Carolina during 1989.   Currently she is on the teaching staff of Warren Wilson College.

Other works by: Bette Bates