Betty Clark

Betty Clark(10/03/1944- ) was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She is a painter who works with a wide variety of media.  She says, "To begin a painting is to plunge into a journey of unknown territory.  It is like traveling in a foreign country.  I bring what I know and find that very little is familiar." Her work is characterized by geometric shapes, contrasting color, and muted background tones with an overall smooth and flowing effect.  Her use of sharp lines to dominate certain features is extraordinary, particularly in her landscape pieces.  Some of Clark's work possesses underlying political statements that can provoke distress as well as a certain amount of recurring themes.  Clark has stated of this phenomenon, "The recurring images generally fall into four categories: map making (how to live), access to the unconscious (the "doorway" paintings), mourning (the use of black and white), and figurative images."

Other works by: Betty Clark