Burton Hasen

Burt Hasen (1921- 09/07/2007) was born in New York City.  He is most well known for his 'abstract map paintings,'  largely inspired by his service in the air force during World War II as a bombardier-navigator, spending a great deal of time studying aerial maps of Europe.  Hasen considers his art to function as a model for the 'idealized self' in that it is intended to depict internal reality. He is fond of bold, geometrical shapes and most of his works indicate an unmistakable air of repressed violence.  In his abstract rendering of the battlegrounds surrounding the Second World War, and New Guinea, he hopes to shed understanding on the internal warfare of the self.  In the 1980's he began to explore the layers of reality and subconscious in his artwork. He has participated in several exhibitions since the late 1940's, both group and solo in nature.  Perhaps more prominently, he has been awarded on a number of auspicious occasions.  In 1966 he was named Visiting Professor of the Year at the Minneapolis School of Art and Design, and later earned a Fulbright Grant to study in Rome, a New York Foundation for the Arts Grant, as well as the Emily Lowe Foundation Purchase Prize.  Additionally, Hasen is a member of the National Academy of Design.  Hasen's work is included in many public collections such as the Brooklyn Museum (NY), the New York Public Library, and the Bibliotheque Nationale (Paris).

Other works by: Burton Hasen