Clarence Morgan

Clarence Morgan (05/21/1950 -)  was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He trained in commercial art for four years, after which he enrolled in the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1971.  In his third year he received a scholarship, the William Emlen Cresson Memorial Traveling Scholarship, which enabled him to travel to Europe and North Africa.  This trip helped to further Morgan's interest in art history and has had a lasting effect on his art.  Morgan was awarded a Visual Arts Fellowship in 1982, a Faculty Research Grant from ECU in 1979, as well as many other honors and awards. Morgan is widely known for his impasto abstracts, characterized by vibrancy,  bold use of color, and dramatic movement.  Morgan tends to utilize the contrast of juxtaposition; of sharp geometric shapes and curvilinear forms, together with heavy, thick brushstrokes, with smooth, barely covered surfaces.  Additionally, he incorporates obvious male and female forms together in the same canvas, the resulting themology highly androgenous in nature. His work has been shown in galleries and museums across the United States, including the Mint Museum of Art, Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, and the Liz Harris Gallery.  In 1990 he participated in a solo exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art. His work can be found in the permanent collection of IBM, General Mills Corporation, the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, the Greenville Museum of Art, and the Asheville Art Museum, among others.  He continues to travel a great deal to third world countries where he draws inspiration for his art.

Other works by: Clarence Morgan