David Reif

David Reif (1941- )  grew up in southern Ohio near Cincinnati. He received a BFA in painting, drawing and printmaking from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1968 and an MFA from Yale in 1970.  One of his classmates at Yale was the sculptor Martin Puryear. From 1987 to 2003 he served as professor of art in sculpture at the University of Wyoming. His work is in the collection of the Renwick Gallery, Washington, DC and the Asheville Art Museum. He is a sculptor working in mixed media as well as in drawing, painting and printmaking. His work exhibits the struggle between raw wilderness, and encroaching civilization. The Asheville Art Museum’s drawing is part of a suite of drawings that was part of a larger series called “Proportions of Visibility” that includes other suites including Antiphony, Cutback, Fault-line, Duskline, Messanger, Passage and  Primal Still Life.

Other works by: David Reif