Douglas Grant

Douglas Grant (04/18/1894-04/28/1993) was born in Oakland, California.  He moved to New York City at an early age.  He spent 26 years as a freelance artist associated with many prominent studios and agencies.  His illustrations appeared regularly in "Ford Times" as well as other magazines and publications. Grant was a lifetime member of the American Watercolor Society.  In 1928 "The Tarzan Twins," a book he illustrated, won Best Illustrated Book of the Year from the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He moved to Waynesville, North Carolina, in 1946.  Grant and his family later moved from Waynesville to Asheville where he served as president of Asheville Art Museum and the Asheville Arts Center. In 1973 he moved to Wilmington where he operated a gallery out of his home.  He died April 28, 1993.

Other works by: Douglas Grant