Gina Gilmour

Gina Gilmour (1948- ) was born in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She spent a great length of time in Ireland, and Mexico, studying and gathering material for her work. Gilmour paints figures that are androgynous, forcing the viewer to relate to them as humans rather than as specifically male or female.  Her paintings are symbolic in the purest sense, in that they are wholly hypothetical constructs existing as a result of Gilmour's desire to portray "environments not yet realized".  Her paintings often have political undertones.  She often creates subtle and vague narratives in her paintings through the use of symbols. In 1977 she was awarded the Ossbaw Island Fellowship in Georgia, the first of many grants she would be awarded over the years. She has participated in several solo and group exhibitions from Georgia to New York.  In 1992 her paintings were exhibited both in Asheville's Blue Spiral Gallery and Charlotte's Spirit Square, where she had acted as artist in residence in the past.

Other works by: Gina Gilmour