Harold Crowell

Harold Crowell (1952- ) was born in North Carolina in 1952. He is mentally disabled. The son of a minister, Harold was encouraged to draw in church to keep him quiet. Since being institutionalized in 1975, he has been encouraged to paint. Harold is hailed nationwide for his striking and unusual combinations of color and form. His large acrylic on canvas works are bright, fun and pleasing to the eye. Harold has been displaying his art since 1979. His exhibitions included the Spirit Square Art Center, Mint Museum of Art, the Charlotte Observer Building and the Pegus Studio in North Carolina and the Elaine Benson Gallery in New York. Mars Hill College hosted a one man show in 1991. His works have also been shown at the NC Museum of Art ("Signs and Wonders: Outsider Art in North Carolina") and included in the Governors collection. He recently represented North Carolina for the opening of the Very Special Arts Gallery in Washington DC and locally was awarded the Excellence in two dimensional honor at the first annual exhibition of "Kaleidoscope" sponsored by the Burke Arts Council. Harold's art was chosen for the first National Exhibition of Art for people with a mental handicap and represented the United States for the international competition in London England.

Other works by: Harold Crowell