Harry I. Day, Jr.

Harry Day (11/17/1912 - 02/18/2001)  a native of Haverhill, Massachusetts, originally planned to attend M.I.T before rebelling against science in order to study art.  He worked as an elevator man in a chic apartment in New York City, while saving money to attend the New York Institute of Photography.  Upon graduation, Day worked for Whelan Studios taking portraits. He later moved to Boston, and worked for Bachrach Studios, saving his money to open his own photography studio.  Day landed photography jobs with Harpers Bazaar, Life, and National Geographic where he had the opportunity to photograph royalty and celebrities from Hedy Lamar to the Duke of Windsor.  He worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art photographing the work of the masters to exactly reproduce the original colors. Finally, Day moved to Westport, Connecticut and took a job as a taxi driver in order to be able to pursue his interest in painting.  As one of the first New England artists to use acrylic paint, Day experimented with the plastic based paint extensively.

Other works by: Harry I. Day, Jr.