Helen Frankenthaler

Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011) was born in New York City. Although formally trained in Cubism, she developed her own personal form of abstract expressionism. Around 1951, when she became interested in Pollock's work, she began experimenting with abstract color field combinations moving from small areas of color in oil to large areas in acrylic. Her paintings are usually executed on unprimed and unstretched canvases that allow the paint to soak into the fabric. In the summer of 1950, Helen Frankenthaler came to Black Mountain College to visit Clement Greenberg, who was teaching art criticism. Though she was only at the College for a few days, it was during this time that she met Kenneth Noland. Noland in later years was greatly influenced by Frankenthaler’s approach to color field painting.

Other works by: Helen Frankenthaler