Howard Finster

Howard Finster (1916-2001) was born in Valley Mead, Alabama, Finster was one of thirteen children. He was a minister for forty years and lives in Summerville, GA. He called himself a "Man of Vision" and one of the "world's last red lights." He felt he was chosen to paint messages of warning after having dipped his finger in a can and seeing a human face on the end of his finger. Essentially untrained, he had some background in carpentry and handicrafts. He came late to art, at the age of 60, but managed to produce over 5000 objects. He converted his home into Paradise Park and Museum, a world created using fragments of mirrors, salvaged refrigerator doors, concrete walls, hubcaps, mosaic cement paths and a pump house of Coca-Cola bottles---all to the glory of the Lord.

Other works by: Howard Finster