Jane Rutland

Jane Rutland (1897- ) was born in La Grange, Georgia. She married John Walter Rutland from Decatur, Georgia on October 29, 1921. Her husband died in February of 1970. In May of 1972, she married Francis Heazel and lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 6 years. They moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1948 and later came to reside in Asheville in 1954. In Chicago, she attended the member's studio on Thursdays, working under George Beuhr in a variety of media including egg tempera, watercolor, and oil painting. She was a member of an Asheville Artists' Group in the early 1970s known as the Thursday Tens. This group included Fran Alderman, Margaret Cameron, Peggy Dodge, Martina Haggard, Mandy Macatee, Anne Parker, Bettie Pritchard, Jane Rutland, Gertrude Sater and Gem Sullivan.

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