John Baeder

John Baeder (12/24/1938- ) is best known for his Photo Realistic paintings of American diners.  Baeder lived with his parents, grandparents, and sister in the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.  Baeder claims his earliest memory of a diner was at the age of five, during World War II.  He  believes diners have a personal atmosphere filled with action, and they are part of the American landscape that "fit into their urban context like modern folk heroes." After becoming the director of a large advertising agency, Baeder began collecting postcards that were American in origin, from the 1920s to the 1940s.  He realized his attraction to them had to do with the angle and composition of the photographs and spent hours studying the postcards. He decided to paint images based on postcards in an attempt to capture every detail. .  In 1972 Baeder began making black and white paintings, becoming more and more entranced with details.  In 1974 he painted his first natural color painting, and has continued to create brilliant images of diners ever since.  He is labeled a photo-realist because of his meticulous attention to detail. Baeder's work has been featured in several one-man and group exhibitions  throughout the United States, and is in the permanent collections of numerous corporations and institutions including Yale, RISD, and the Coca-Cola company.

Other works by: John Baeder