Joseph Fiore

Joseph Fiore (1925-2008) was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He first came to Western North Carolina in the summer of 1946 to study at Black Mountain College. Fiore remained in Black Mountain until the Black Mountain College closed, then settled in New York City. An exhibition of Joseph Fiore's work was held at the Zone 1 Gallery in the Fall of 1995 in conjunction with the first Black Mountain College Reunion ever held in Asheville. Fiore created two of these paintings while in residence at Black Mountain College: Guitar Still Life, a student work, and Green Landscape while a member of the Faculty. Together these two paintings can provide insight into the creative climate at Black Mountain. Hudson River Cloud Passage, painted later in Fiore's career, follows his artistic explorations and continuing interest in landscape. This painting also provides a striking comparison to one of the earliest works in the Museum's collection. George Inness found inspiration in the same river when he painted Evening on the Hudson in 1886 Fiore participated in exhibitions throughout the United States. His paintings are part of the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Asheville Art Museum.

Other works by: Joseph Fiore