Judy Humphrey

Judy Lucille Humphrey (04/06/1949- )  was born in Columbia, South Carolina. She is currently both a graphic artist and printmaker, known for her etchings, pencil drawings, and oil pastel renderings. Her work have been exhibited extensively throughout the state, including the Weatherspoon Gallery in Greensboro, the Southeast Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, and the Asheville Art Museum (where her work was included in the "Realists Invitational" exhibition in 1979). On a more national level, her works have comprised part of the Boston Printmakers National Exhibition at the Rose Art Museum in 1985, the Printmaking Invitational in Tallahassee, Florida in 1986, and the Graphic Art of Printmaking show in Wichita, Kansas in 1990. Humphrey's work is permanently on display at the Winston-Salem's Williams House, the R.J. Reynolds Collection (NC), the Greensboro Insurance Agency (NC), Softwares, Inc. (MA), and the North Carolina Print and Drawing Society. She is currently a professor of printmaking at Appalachian State University  where she has been since 1973.  Humphrey is a member of the Southern Graphics Council, and the North Carolina Print and Drawing Society.  In an artist's statement from 1979, Humphrey wrote, "At present most of my images deal with the manipulation of interior spaces within a prescribed picture plane.  I am concerned primarily with the juxtaposition and the interchangeability of positive and negative shapes and their interaction with patterns of lights and darks as they move across and through the surface of the paper."

Other works by: Judy Humphrey