Kathleen E. Marshall

Kathleen Marshall (1950 - ) was born in Los Angeles. She took her first painting class in 1974 at San Diego State University with Keefe Baker. In 1975, Marshall went to Paris to paint. There she rented a tiny studio, and due to the toxicity of the fumes from the solvents and mediums she was accustomed to, Marshall tried using gouache to paint smaller scale works. The simplicity of her studio needs have allowed the artist to live a wandering existence. This is recorded in groups of works depicting Paris, San Diego, San Francisco and other locations in southern California and Europe. Over time, the subjects of Marshall's interior studies have inclined toward the habitats of her friends, highlighting domestic objects that reflect their personalities. For Marshall, the definition of space is a formal goal but is in turn subordinated to the establishment of mood. Early in 1988, Marshall began to work in oils again to resolve certain figurative modeling problems that the hard, fast-drying gouache medium does not lend itself to.

Other works by: Kathleen E. Marshall