Lloyd Carl Owle

Lloyd Owle (02/19/1943-) was born on February 19, 1943, in the Birdtown community of the Qualla Indian Boundary in North Carolina.  He is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and has, as most Cherokees do, a deep and abiding love for the traditions and culture of his people.  As a young boy, Owle helped his father to make bows and arrows, and while in high school he studied under Amanda Crowe, the famous Cherokee carving and sculpture teacher.  Soon after he married, Owle began creating unique sculptural carvings depicting the history and legends of the Cherokee people.  He has served as a Council member in his tribe and is presently employed by the Unity Regional Youth Treatment Center, helping young people battle drug addiction and alcoholism.

Other works by: Lloyd Carl Owle