Louis Orr

Louis Orr (05/19/1879-1961) was born in Hartford, Connecticut.  Orr was primarily an etcher and painter. He was inducted into the Legion of Honor.  Orr's 1939 series of 51 etchings of North Carolina were done at the behest of Robert Lee Humber, who underwrote the cost of the project.  His etchings reflect the history, social life, culture, and architecture of North Carolina.  His work is extremely detailed; his was considered a master of light and texture.  He was especially talented at etching buildings. Orr's work is in the collections of the State Bank in Hartford, Connecticut, the Rheims Cathedral, the Mobile Museum of Art in Alabama, Musee Nationaux Paris, and the Louvre.  His was the first work the Louvre purchased from a living American artist and the first original work by any painter-etcher.  He died in 1961.

Other works by: Louis Orr