Mark Mulfinger

Mark Mulfinger (1961- ) became known in the 1980s for his batiks, a textile-dyeing technique. He has exhibited his artwork in group and solo shows across the southeast. In 1987 he was included in a group exhibition sponsored by the Shelby Art League in North Carolina. His first solo show was in 1988 at the Greenwood Museum in South Carolina. In 1990, he was commissioned to create ten batiks for the Shriners in Springfield, Massachusetts. Although his block printings were popular with collectors, Mulfinger changed to a completely different medium of linoleum. This enabled him to utilize pure color and discover various color combinations through the layers of oil ink built up on the linocut. His linocuts emphasized bright colors, bold lines, still lifes, and architectural subjects. In 1993, he exhibited his linoleum prints in solo shows in Spartanburg and Columbia, South Carolina and won five awards for his linocuts. Recently, he radically changed mediums again to oils. He emphasizes composition, just as he did with batiks, but alters his previous mode of colors and perspectives in his oil paintings. All of his artwork is realist with easily recognizable forms, but each image has its own energy and vibrancy.

Other works by: Mark Mulfinger