Mary Louise O’Sullivan

Mary Louise O'Sullivan (1936- ) was born in Asheville, North Carolina. She has been inspired by wildlife all of her life.  As a child, O'Sullivan enjoyed spending time with her grandparents who built one of the first homes on Ormond Beach, Florida.  A strong source for future work came from the time she spent  studying indigenous flora and fauna.  In the late 1960's Mary Louise O' Sullivan moved to Palm Beach Florida, where she lived with her husband on a house boat.  For the next twelve years, she studied light and reflections on the surface of water.  Using high speed photography, O'Sullivan recorded the ever-changing light for closer study. During a trip to the Everglades, O'Sullivan fell in love with the wide range of plants and wildlife.  She took particular interest in the tropical birds of the region. She has had exhibits at several museums including the Asheville Art Museum, the Evansville Museum in Indiana, and at the University of North Carolina.  O'Sullivan is represented in several public and corporate collections including the  American Automobile Association, the Asheville Art Museum, the Morris Museum of Art, and U.S. Air.  Her paintings are owned by over 100 private collectors worldwide.

Other works by: Mary Louise O’Sullivan