Nora Speyer

Nora Speyer (1922- ) was born in Pittsburgh, PA. She has exhibited primarily in New York and Massachusetts. She has taken part in group exhibitions throughout the country and Europe and has work in the collections of the Allentown Art Museum, PA, Bryn Mawr College, MA, Corcoran Gallery, DC, and the National Academy of Design, NY. She is a figurative artist who works primarily with oils as she produces landscapes and gardens in a joyour jumble of color, built up paint overlays and tactile flows. On the other hand, she produces collages made of charcoal, black oil paint thinned with turpentine and cut out white paper. These works are primarily of bodies, female and naked, orgiastically entangled, at times, falling into abysmal space and at times in a state of intense anxiety.

Other works by: Nora Speyer