Peggy Dodge

Peggy Dodge's (1911- ) collages were exhibited on a number of occasions between 1963 and 1969, including a two-person show at the Mint Museum's Art Garden Ball, Charlotte 1969. She was noted for her woodcuts and watercolors. Additionally, her crayon ink prints have achieved a similar level of popularity. Dodge tends to utilize bold shapes and all of her work contains elements of primitivism and late impressionism. Dodge was a member of an Asheville Artists' Group in the early 1970s known as the Thursday Tens. This group also included Fran Alderman, Margaret Cameron, Martina Haggard, Randy Macatee, Anne Parker, Bettie Pritchard, Jane Rutland, Gertrude Sater and Gem Sullivan.

Other works by: Peggy Dodge