Pete Smith

Pete L. Smith (1946- ) was born in Dayton, Ohio. In 1967 he earned a degree in chemical engineering. Smith began to draw and paint seriously in 1969, and was primarily self taught. In 1970 he bought the largest artists' supply and professional picture framing business in western North Carolina: Thurston Henry of Asheville. That same year a museum purchased one of his watercolors for its permanent collection. Since then, Smith's work has been included in several local, regional, and national exhibitions. In 1977 Smith wrote, "Having never studied art in college, my reason for painting and choosing a particular medium must surely be different from that of other artists. For a guide to my own work, I have formulated my own personal theory as to what good art is. A good piece of art must have three basic properties - ...good design...carefully co-ordinated colors...(and) all elements of the piece must support the design and each other."

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