R. A. Miller

R. A. Miller (07/22/1912-06/03/2006) was born in Hall County, Georgia.  He was a farmer, cotton mill worker and Free Will Baptist minister.  After developing glaucoma, Miller retired and devoted himself to creating art. He believed that his artwork acts as a medium for the spiritual.  He  made art for over 50 years; his subjects were often landscape, religion, and animals.  He made windmills out of cornstalks when he was young, but later made his whirligigs and other pieces of tin.  Miller cut out animal and human figures out of flattened, discarded gutters, and painted them.  Then he either incorporated the pieces into his windmills (or whirligigs) or displayed them as independent objects.  His most popular pieces are tin red devils and patriotic "Blow Oscars." Miller also experimented with drawing - using various markers on Masonite. His work is in many galleries throughout the southeast, and is in the permanent collection of the Asheville Art Museum.

Other works by: R. A. Miller