Robert Godfrey

Robert Godfrey (04/17/1941- ) was born in Mount Holly, New Jersey.   Godfrey's personal painting style is characterized by a fairy-tale realism, portraying events that impose the fantastic on the most prosaic of events; a figurative-realist.  His neo-expressionist canvasses feature thick-set figures and a great deal of movement.  He believes painting is more "intrinsic than simply the arrangement of marks on a two-dimensional surface."  He began his teaching career in 1969 at the University of Illinois.  In 1970 he went to the School of Art and Design in Philadelphia to instruct.  He became an Assistant Professor at Westminster College in 1972 and remained there until 1979.  Between the years of 1979-1982 Godfrey was a visiting lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania.  During 1982 Godfrey returned to Westminster College to an Associate Professor position.  In 1985 he obtained a Professor's position at Western Carolina University. He participated in the 1987 North Carolina Artists Exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh.  Godfrey has participated in over twenty solo exhibitions and been invited to participate in over 100 group exhibitions, both national and international, in a thirty year period. His work is in the public collections of several institutions including the Butler Institute of American Art (OH), the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts (PA), The Humanist Archives (Melbourne), and the Greenville Museum of Art (NC).

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