Rodger Jacobs

Rodger Jacobs (1946- ) was born in Durham, North Carolina, but grew up in northern Ohio. After graduation and time spent in Vietnam, Jacobs left the United States in order to relearn what life was all about. During this time he found himself immersed in creative productions, something he had found comfort in even in his high school days. While living in St. Croix he carved signs for local hotels and restaurants, worked coral, bone, and silver into jewelry, as well as, remodeling bars. Upon returning to the states he had a brief stint in the entertainment business, but a short time later returned to his need of creation, of creating comfort, and living history, while creating art. The pleasure Jacobs found in creating and working with wood led him into house building, cabinet making, and furniture building. This in turn led him into his true passion, woodturning.

Other works by: Rodger Jacobs