Rosemarie Beck

Rosemarie Beck (07/08/1923-07/15/2003) is the daughter of Hungarian Jewish immigrants and was born in Westchester, NY. Beck received her BA from Oberlin College. She then studied at the Institute of Fine Arts  at New York University and the Arts Student League. She began her career as a printmaker and painter in 1946.  She is best known for her explorations of the figure and of abstract forms through black and white crayon lithography. She was also a painter, needle worker, musician and journal writer. In a 1961 lecture, she stated, "The point at which the painter stops is one of the elements - maybe the most important - which determines his style" (from "Under Exposed:  American Prints and Drawings from the Storerooms of the Asheville Art Museum," 1992).

Other works by: Rosemarie Beck