Roy Finster

Roy Finster (1941- ), the son of Howard Finster, resides in Summerville, GA. His style closely resembles his fathers. He enjoys painting bust cutouts of country, blues, Motown and rock stars as well as political figures and devils. In 1995 Roy quit his job as a handyman at the Chatooga County Hospital in order to paint full-time. Among his accomplishments, he claims that Johnny Cash owns one of his "Johnny Cash" series and that President Bill Clinton has a painting Roy made of him. His other subjects include historical figures, religious visions, devils, angels, and the "57 Chevy Bel Air. Roy actually seems to have little understanding of why he paints, besides the fact that it now "pays the bills." But even his consciousness of the marketplace is cloudy. "Painting for me is a lifetime of enjoyment ... and other people seem to like what I do" he says. Roy says that his work is different from his father's because he spends more time on each painting.

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