Sideo Fromboluti

Sideo Fromboluti (1920- ) was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania one month after his parents emigrated from Tuscany, Italy. The family moved to Philadelphia, and at the age of six he began drawing in earnest, with the support of both his father and grade school teacher. In 1931, one of his teachers took Fromboluti to after school classes at the Graphic Sketch Club. He would continue these classes until his high school graduation. His graduation coincided with an introduction to a fellow artist, Joseph Stefanelli, who became a lifelong friend. While at the Tyler school, he studied the work of the Mexican muralists and learned about pigments, underpainting, and fresco. In 1943 he was drafted into the army, and while stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas married Nora Speyer, a former fellow student at Tyler. He continued painting at Fort Riley and worked very closely alongside his wife during this time. Disillusionments surrounding a mural in 1944 caused him to begin a very serious study of the works of his contemporaries. The Frombolutis' return to Philadelphia in 1946 was marked by the birth of a son, Chris. After working for two years making displays and dioramas, Sideo and family moved to New York City. While earning a living as a free lance commercial artist, the remainder of his time was consumed in exploration of his own painting style, which evolved into a loose semi-abstract style.

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