Skeff Thomas

Skeff Thomas is a ceramist. He received his BFA from Lewis and Clark College and his MFA from Southern Illinois University. He is a professor of art at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. Of his art, Skeff said, "I want my ceramic art to be seen and appreciated within the contemporary context of the vessel as sculptural form. Each morning as my fingers play across the body of my coffee cup, and my lips are welcomed by the roundness of a rim, I am reminded about the subtle quality of form and surface that the ceramic arts provide. This sensibility can be maintained when we create objects for daily use as well as forms of a monumental scale. With these forms, covered by a luscious glaze, not only are your fingers massaged by the surface, but also your hand and eye. The distinction between functional craft and sculptural art is blurred, and the viewer/user is granted an experience of a visceral nature."

Other works by: Skeff Thomas