Tim Murray

Tim Murray  (10/28/1938- ) was born in Reading, England, Murray became a United States Citizen in 1976.  He works in both the mediums of painting and sculpture. Murray views his work as a search for personal order.  He states: "In most cases they are 3-D flow charts of mundane occurrences in my everyday life, thus reflecting a life-sized language of fantasy, memories of current situations, which I feel the need to share with others." In 1966, Murray was granted an M.A.C.A. degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He was awarded a Brevard College Study Grant for six weeks in Europe in 1969.  In 1990, Murray had five pieces on display at the Asheville Art Museum's Mountain Arts Consortium.  He has exhibited his art extensively throughout North and South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, and Georgia.  He has been a visiting artist at schools in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, South Carolina, and Indiana.  Murray has lectured all over the United States.  He was the Director of the Sims Art Center at Brevard College until 2000.  He was named Distinguished Service Professor in 1995 and received the Johnie H. Jones Distinguished Chair in teaching in 2000.  He retired from Brevard College in 2003.  He maintains a studio at his home outside Brevard, NC.

Other works by: Tim Murray