Tobias Schneebaum

Tobias Schneebaum (1921- ) is primarily known as a painter. He has won several awards for his work: the Creative Artists Public Service Grant and a Fulbright Fellowship. He studied at the Brooklyn Museum Art School. In 1946, after studying with Rufino Tamayo, Schneebaum began to paint full time. The primary influences on his early work were Mexican painters and Jackson Pollack. Later, he was more influenced by the work of Willem de Kooning and abstract expressionists. Schneebaum's paintings have also been affected by his travels. After a visit to Peru, his paintings became more realistic. More recently, he visited New Guinea, stayed with carvers and former headhunters, and incorporated new motifs in his work. Schneebaum lives in New York City.

Other works by: Tobias Schneebaum