Tom Turner

Tom Turner's passion for the arts when he took a ceramic class in high school for "some easy credit." He quickly fell in love with the art, and his teacher, Joseph Corsello, helped him get into Illinois State University even though Turner had no prior plans to go to college. In 1969, Turner entered the Army and was sent to Ft. jackson, South Carolina. Of this transition, Turner said, "as devastating as that was, it put me in the Southeastern United States and in proximity to the last true American Folk Potters." During his first two years, Turner worked himself into the Army's Special Services and taught art. His passion for teaching art continued, and he taught at several leading craft schools in the country, including Penland, Arrowmont, and The Archie Bray Foundation. He has also conducted workshops in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Florida, etc.

Other works by: Tom Turner