William Thomas Thompson

William Thomas Thompson (1935 - ) had no interest in the fine arts until he was 53 when he had a vision in which Jesus proclaimed the imminence of His Second Coming. After this vision and despite a rare nerve disease that crippled his hands, Thompson bought a canvas, paintbrushes and paint with the belief that he had to paint the vision he had. Until he reached the age of 53, Thompson had little interest in the Fine Arts. All the more surprising is the promptness of his response to a vision he received during a worship service in Hawaii in July 1998. In this vision, Jesus Christ proclaimed the imminence of His Second Coming and the ind of the present world. The very next day, Mr. Thompson bought canvas, brushes and acrylic paints, knowing that he had been called to paint the clear and precise vision he had received. This step of obedience is even more astonishing in light of the fact that William Thomas Thompson is, from a practical viewpoint, incapable of carrying out this task - not due to a lack of talent (it is evident that he is a natural genius of so called "naive" painting) - but because he has suffered from a rare nerve disease since 1987. This condition has affected his entire motor system, causing uncontrollable shaking in his shoulders, arms and legs. He suffers to this day and must use crutches for support - yet in spite of this, he proceeds unabatedly with his painting. Without his disease, he says, he most likely never would have turned to the arts, which has now become his means of communication.

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