Collectors’ Circle

The Asheville Art Museum Collectors’ Circle is a specialized group formed to encourage the exchange of ideas and interests, art learning, connoisseurship, and collecting. The group also supports the proactive development, stewardship, and conservation of the Asheville Art Museum’s Permanent Collection.

The Collectors’ Circle is dedicated to increasing their own knowledge of American art and fine-art collecting while also growing the Museum’s Permanent Collection through annual purchases from an acquisition fund created by yearly dues.

Collectors’ Circle events, elegant social and educational gatherings centered on collecting, are held 2-3 times throughout the year ending with an annual Year-End Selection Dinner. Dependent on space limitations, guests may be permitted at events and programs for a pre-determined fee.

Join the Collectors’ Circle and be part of expanding the Museum’s Permanent Collection!

$1,000 - Individual: (1) One Vote -- $800 for acquisition fund which is a tax-deductible gift *
$1,500 - Dual: (1.5) One & a Half Votes -- $1,100 for acquisition fund which is a tax-deductible gift *
$2,000- Dual: (2) Two Votes -- $1,600 for acquisition fund which is a tax-deductible gift *

Note: $200 per member is for programs/event fees, is not tax deductible, & cannot be paid through a charitable foundation.

*15% of acquisition dues will be held for a major acquisition every few years. 85% will be spent annually on Collectors’ Circle choice at the Year-End Selection Dinner.


Collectors’ Circle Membership Requires Museum Membership.

For more information and to join, please call (828) 253-3227.

2017 acquisitions to the Permanent Collection made possible by the generosity of Collectors’ Circle Members, as well as Individual Members