A Taste of Art +Wine

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Museum’s annual Silent Auction and Wine Tasting featured 20 different distributors who brought a wide assortment of wines and beers for everyone to taste. As someone said to me by the end of the night, “Last year I had to take a cab, but this year I brought a friend”. We are so glad that people enjoyed themselves- and that they consider their safety, although I did hear that a few people downed over 60 of the raw oysters that were being served with the Oyster Brewery’s IPA (thank you The Lobster Trap!). 60 oysters!? And the S&W pulled out a giant roast that was cut for the enjoyment of us carnivores- with a little horseradish on the side! I am always in awe of the Museum’s ability to put on unique events every year- even when they are annual. Of course, as Beer City USA- patrons were not disappointed! Beer flowed from every corner of the lobby. I have to say that I love Silent Auctions. Although silent, they have a subtle ruthlessness to them, as people crowd around their favorite item, fighting it out to the end. There was one particular scarf that got the bidding moving along…..

So, my fellow bidders- I want to thank you all for supporting the Museum so generously- and for also not outbidding me on a much needed haircut and color!
And to the distributors-you amaze me time and time again with your ability to pour so much beer and wine in such a short period of time. You must be very strong if you can carry that many cases from your car to the table.
To the silent auction donors- you are so generous with your highly sought after goods!
And to all of the fabulous food donors- you gave us seafood, meat, salsa, breadsticks, rolls, hummus, grape leaves, chocolate truffles, pastry assortments, and so much more so that we remembered to eat as we tried all of those fabulous drinks.

Diversity is delicious!

Enjoy these photos- check out more on the Museum’s facebook page!