Cycle: Hoss Haley

Ongoing Exhibition

A key initiative of the Museum’s new programming launched with the Art works PRIMED interim expansion project is the Artworks Project Space. This gallery is dedicated to showcasing site-specific original installations by noteworthy artists. The Artworks Project Space was inaugurated on March 23, 2012 with a large-scale sculpture created by WNC artist Hoss Haley, titled Cycle (2012). Haley comments,

“For decades the scrap yard has been a major source of both raw material and inspiration. As the consumer demand for cheaper products increases, the quality of the products decreases, as does the life span of the goods…Cycle became a way to exaggerate the idea of “tossing away” and to demonstrate the precariousness of this act. In the end there was a satisfying moment in the process when the castoffs became commentary.”

Cycle: Hoss Haley is sponsored by the Windgate Charitable Foundation.

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