Experiments in Animation

Tuesday, June 4 (ongoing)

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From films that were hand-painted in the 1940s to the computer aided “glitch” art of this decade, artists who create animation are a varied group. This exhibition of animated films takes us through past and recent years of a subculture of artists who have hand-drawn, painted, collaged and otherwise manipulated film to create all forms of animation. Unlike commercially-made animated films of the 20th century, which were also hand-drawn and painted, artists in this exhibition have more in common with American aesthetic development as a whole: artistic trends and styles found in all media in the larger art world are found simultaneously in animation.

Artists featured in this exhibition include Roger Beebe, Martha Colburn, Eric Dyer, Heather Freeman, Logan Kelly, Jennifer Levonian, Jodie Mack, Evan Meaney, Allison Schulnik, Stacey Steers, Charlotte Taylor and Karen Yasinsky.


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