Survivors and Liberators: Portraits by Wilma Bulkin Siegel

December 15, 2012 - March 31, 2013


Listen to poignant stories from survivors of the Holocaust currently featured in this exhibition. A complete audio tour with 14 (total) interviews is also available for visitors to this exhibition.


In 2003 Wilma Siegel began painting portraits of what is, sadly, a dwindling population: Holocaust survivors living in South Florida. While the number of potential subjects is vast—as many 15,000—it is hardly permanent. The realization that so many of these faces and stories are passing away has led Siegel to begin this project, which also includes World War II veterans.

Siegel’s often grand-scaled watercolors are bold, direct, and very personal portraits. She incorporates photographs and other mementos belonging to the subjects into their portraits, each of which represents a casual intimacy while also serving as a chronicle, a record of a life. A short biography of the subject accompanies each portrait, retracing their route from Europe’s concentration camps to life in the United States.

This exhibition was organized and curated by the Asheville Art Museum with support from an anonymous donor, and from Joe & Jill Lawrence and Mills Manufacturing Corporation, with special thanks to Annegreth Nill.

Audio Tour accompanying the exhibition:

Special thanks to our readers, Jay Jacoby and Elizabeth Spraggins, for recording the following Holocaust survivors’ stories for the exhibition:

Magda Bader (Siegel01.mp3)

Frances Chernick (Siegel02.mp3)

Howard Cwick (Siegel03.mp3)

Victor Cynamon (Siegel04.mp3)

Rena Finder (Siegel05.mp3)

Judy Freeman (Siegel06.mp3)

Judith Evan Goldstein (Siegel07.mp3)

Rosette Goldstein (Siegel08.mp3)

Andy Hartman (Siegel09.mp3)

Hans Heilbronner (Siegel10.mp3)

Adele Judas (Siegel11.mp3)

Mike Kalmowicz (Siegel12.mp3)

Alex Moskovic (Siegel13.mp3)

Murray Siederman (Siegel14.mp3)


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