The Elemental Arts: Air | Earth | Fire | Water

Through June 6, 2013

Using works from the Museum’s Permanent Collection, this exhibition shares both regional and national artists’ unique interpretations of the four classical elements and presents works from a range of media spanning the 20th and 21st centuries.

The vast currents of air bring us rain, snow or storm. In Rockwell Kent’s painting, Vermont Hills, the hills are dominated by the bands of clouds flowing peacefully toward the observer. Leonard Cave’s mixed media work, Tornado, references the incredible energy and destructive power of the air.

Glass artists not only use silica to create their work, but at times also decorate them with earthen themes as seen in featured works by John Nygren, Richard Satava and Yaffa Todd.

Notions of fire can be more symbolic than literal. Fire represents creativity, passion and sometimes irrationality. In Larry Clark’s Dead (Billy Mann, Tulsa) an impassioned young man contemplates violence, suggesting a fiery rage.

Biron Valier’s Wing Water Falling overlays the central stream of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural masterpiece, Fallingwater, which was completed in 1939, with Wright’s later and equally famous spiral design of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

These and other inspiring works are currently featured in the Second Floor Galleries of the Museum’s North Wing. This exhibition was organized and curated by the Asheville Art Museum.



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